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The Church today is still plagued with many of the same problems that existed in the Corinthian church.
There continues to be struggles with divisions, immorality, and the use of spiritual gifts.
Despite all rebukes and corrections, the church would do well to take heed the word of God and apply
Paul's warnings to ourselves. We must seek to love God, Live in peace, one with another.
Prepare yourselves for the coming of the Lord. 
      VISUAL SOLUTIONS        

Bishop & First Lady Jobie Boone
For God so Loved the world, that He Gave His Only begotten Son.
"Proclaiming The Risen Lord in the Land of the Rising Sun"

We Are Our Brother's Keeper.

No One Is Too Far Away From THE hELP OF ~God.~

Board of Bishops: Bishop A. Headlam; Bishop R. Farmer; Bishop W. Hamlet;Bishop J. Boone; Bishop J. Chambless ~ We Welcome Your Visit and Your Visit is very important to us.

Bishop & Lady jobie Boone
Love for others is to be a hallmark trait of  every Christian. We must reach into the Future. We must Seek the Youth.
 We Must be a witness for our Great God. He will return soon. We must be ready.

OUR VISION: The Great Commandment:
(St. Matthew 22:36-40)    Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.

OUR PURPOSE: Connecting, Growing, Sharing and Reaching.
We Serve because we have been Called. Not because we decided to make the World a Better Place.

Changing of the Guards: Our Youth on the Move


One of the main instructions given to the leaders of the church was to be able to teach. Leaders are also commanded to equip the saints so that they can also carry out the work of the ministry, and this is exactly what our skilled teachers, preachers and instructors  desire to do. 

Coming to our services should be a time of worship and fellowship, but also of mental strengthening and spiritual renewal. Sermons are understandable but yet stimulating to the mind with respect to accurate doctrine and implication of the holy scriptures.

Attending one of our Youth Convention has and always will be a time of joy, singing sharing and love.  As we change Youth Presidents we give thanks

for our former leader Evangelist Beverly Nicholson and thank God also for our incoming Youth Leader Minister Wade Solan.
Creative Youth and Young  Ministries Reaches all Ages
Encouraging Youth and Equipping this generation to Fight and Deliver others from the hands of adversary.

Going the Distance!

The Great Commission of Matthew 28 tells us that we must go into all the world, making disciples of people in all nations. At PFJCIM, we  take that very seriously by using whatever means we have to promote worldwide evangelism. 

We currently support several teams of missionaries in  foreign countries, and we typically send a  teams as support every year. If you have any interest in serving on one of these teams or have questions about missions and your life, please see one of our pastors for assistance.


I will give you Leaders and Pastors after my own heart.


It's Not  About Us, It's All About JESUS

Davo, Philippine
Tell Somebody about The goodness of the Lord.


  • January 13-14, 2017
  • International Youth Convention
  • United Apostolic Church of Jesus, Inc.
  • Tampa, Florida
  • District Elder Michael Woodard, Pastor
  • March 16-18, 2017
  • International Women Convention
  • Gospel Lighthouse Apostolic Church, Inc.
  • 2003 Main Street
  • Hartford, CT 06120
  • Bishop Winfred B. Hamlet, Pastor

  • March 28 - April 4, 2017
  • European Council
    World Vision Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ
    Bishop Alonzo Headlam - London, England
  • MAY 19-21, 2017
  • Central District Council
  • First Apostolic Faith Tabernacle, Inc.
  • 1322 Goodwood Avenue
  • Baltimore, Maryland, Pastor Grace Wilson, Host Pastor

  • May 31 - June, 2017
  • Asian Council
    Pastor Auturo Pogenio, District Elder
  • June-15-17, 2017
  • New England District Council
  • Greater Grace Apostolic Church, Inc
  • Dorchester, MASS
  • Elder F. Miller, Host Pastor

  • August 7-8, 2017
    Pentecostal Followers of Jesus Christ, Inc.
  • International Holy Convocation
    First Apostolic Faith Gospel Tabernacle, Inc.
    Baltimore, Maryland
  • District Elder Victor Heggins, Pastor
For More Information Contact: Pastor Grace Wilson, International Secretary
(410)-686-2323 - - fax (410) 272-8434



Videos of youtube pentecostal followers of jesus christ
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JANUARY 13-14, 2017

Holiday Inn & Suites- 11310 zn 30th street

Worship with Us!


OUR VISION: Reach the Lost
Our Weapon 
Love & Prayer


Prayer is the Life line of the Christain:

Men should always pray and not to faint. (St Luke 18:1)

Oh this world would be such a better place to live in if each of us took the time to pray and give God thanks. He's certainly Worthy. He's proven that.  He died for us!

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness.