Godily Man Seeking God

Godily Man Seeking God
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Holy Bible

 By: King James

Men need to be reached where they are at spiritually. A man who has little spiritual interest won’t be interested in a 40 week Bible Study, and a mature Christian needs more than softball teams and Super Bowl parties. A man who just lost his job or a loved one needs comfort, not teaching or […]

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Exploring The Psalms
 By: Philips

Become a better person. Forget, Forgive, Move On.

Getting Past Your Pass
 By: Owen Johnson
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The Master Came Looking For Me
 By: Dr. Derek G. Pierson
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Finding yourself in the Image of your Creator

The Power of The Blood of Jesus
 By: Andrew Murray

What The Scriptures Teach About The Blood

Touch Points For Leader
Gods answer For Your Daily Needs
 By: Tyndale House Publisher, Inc.

A Leader's Life is complex; involving head, heart, skills, competencies, character and spiritual values.